Arrowhead Racing Toboggan

Arrowhead Racing Toboggan

Arrowhead-2pole - $450.00 (includes waist belt, 2 poles, toboggan and gear bag)

Arrowhead-1pole - $410.00 (includes waist belt, 1 pole, toboggan and gear bag)

Arrowhead-2 or 1 - $285.00 (includes toboggan and gear bag, 2 pole brackets but No Poles or Waist Belt)

Introducing the Arrowhead Racing Toboggan. If you pay attention to winter endurance racing you probably have heard of the Arrowhead 135. More and more athletes and adventurers are testing themselves on long treks through the woods using foot, ski, and bike. This toboggan can meet the needs of two of those modes of travel. The Arrowhead comes in a single pole and a double pole option and includes the waist belt, poles and gear bag. The Arrowhead is made from 1/8" UHMW. Two UHMW runners provide improved tracking and run most of length of toboggan. Runners also protect bed on road crossings. If you already possess waist belt and poles, just order the toboggan and gear bag. I use SkiPulk poles and waist belts but carry limited sizes and styles. See their link for more pole and waist belt options.

This sled was used in the Iditarod Trail Invitational in February 2013 by John Storkamp and Matt Long. The two of them have worked with me on designing this toboggan for the adventure racer.

Gear bag is affixed to toboggan with running line through grommets. Bag is made of 400 Denier Pack Cloth that is coated for water repellency. Gear bag has 5300 in3 of volume. Four compression straps allow for securing load and have enough length for securing items on top of bag as well. A reflective strip crosses back of bag for added visibility on snow machine trails. A double zipper allows for easy access at either end of bag.

Consider purchasing a small or medium-sized Conover Pack that easily straps on outside of gear bag and makes storing and accessing liquids, dry socks and gloves, food, and foam pad that much more convenient.


  • Weight: 10lbs (sled and bag only); waist belt: 13oz; two poles: 2lbs 7oz
  • Length: 56"
  • Width: 15"

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