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Black River Sleds came into existence back in 1995 after a number of years building and maintaining my own dogsleds. I began running sled dogs while working for Voyageur Outward Bound’s winter program in Ely, MN. My winter skills and experiences grew exponentially during those two winters. Eventually, after working as a camp director for three summers, I began a quarter century of teaching science in the public school system.


My wife and I settled on and have raised three wonderful children on the ridge above the Black River, the namesake of my business. Besides a home, this place provided the space for a shop and home base for many family adventures near and far. Living close to the land has been an important component of our lives – helping us develop our sense of place.


BRS, our home and my business, has now relocated to Western Montana on Rock Creek Road near Clinton, ready to develop a new sense of place. The Rock Creek valley in the Sapphire Mountains, home to the indigenous Salish, has a more recent history of gold mining, logging, ranching, and gemstone mining. Today the public lands surrounding the valley and Rock Creek draw people the world over for its beauty, fly fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting.


It is my hope that my sleds will help you with your adventures on the land, not just to move you through it, but to help you experience it, hone outdoor skills, and value public and wild places.


Safe Adventuring!


Chris Evavold


P.S. I love photography and have captured many of my adventures in the galleries of Black River Photography. Link is found below. Enjoy!

Introducing our vacation rental – Sawmill Loft! Located on our property is this gorgeous retreat for relaxing, fly fishing, hiking, photography, etc.



Ingrid is our manager of this property and also serves as the aesthetic eye. Follow the link to Airbnb for more on our rental.



If you haven’t visited the inter-mountain West, our Sawmill Loft might be just that place to immerse yourself in the very environment that captured us and led us to make this our new home.



You can pick up a toboggan while you are here!

Black River Sleds, LLC 2024

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