Inspired by the Conover’s “A SnowWalker’s Companion, this toboggan is modeled after the early toboggans of Native Americans, trappers, and traders of the north. It has a no-maintenance HDPE  or UHMW bottom for ease of pulling and durability. Crosspieces are made of White Ash with a liberal coat of exterior oil. Running line and tumpline are made of black 4mm kernmantle (nylon core with a durable sheath). Toboggan plastic contains black pigment that resists UV better and melts frost off the bottom in the morning sun. All toboggan lengths can be made from a solid sheet of HDPE or the 9′ and 7′ from UHMWTump strap is a 2″ wide x 48″ long cotton band attached to toboggan with two 9′ lengths of cord. Tump line places you about 9 feet in front of the toboggan. Each crosspiece is fastened using four or five stainless steel screws.

     A loop at the tail allows for controlled descents or skijoring control when under dog power using the orange 9′ drag line included. This toboggan can be gracefully bent or rolled up to fit into any vehicle or the plane that will land you on Beaverhouse Lake for your winter walk back to Ely!

NOTE: All complete toboggans come with BRS Lashing System, tump strap/line, and orange drag line.

SnowWalker Toboggan Kits - for DIY

NOTE: Toboggan kits do not come with lashing system. If you would like the lashing system, please add that to your order for the appropriate size. See below for options and pricing.


Toboggan kits provide a less expensive alternative to purchasing a completed toboggan. Buying a complete kit saves about 10% off the cost of buying all of the parts. The kit may also satisfy the creative yearnings of the do-it-yourselfer.


These kits require some knowledge and skill in tool use and assembly. Some fairly basic tools will suffice in the finishing and final assembly of the parts.


Some of you may also be interested in attending one of our Fall Winter Camping Symposiums in late October each year. I often offer a toboggan building class during these where participants can build their toboggan with me in about 3 – 4 hours. So, if you worry you might not have the tools, space, or time to make your own, check out the offerings at this fall’s symposium. 

BRS Lashing Systems

Toboggan Kit Parts (if you want to piece together your own needs)

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