Toboggan Gear

Complete Lashing System

  • 11' Lashing System - $45.00 (incl. 2 22-foot straps w/ ss buckles, 8 lashing rings and 2 floating rings)

  • 9' Lashing System - $38.50 (incl. 2 19-foot straps w/ ss buckles, 6 lashing rings and 2 floating rings)

  • 7' Lashing System - $32.00 (incl. 2 16-foot straps w/ ss buckles, 4 lashing rings and 2 floating rings)

  • 5' Lashing System - $26.50 (incl. 2 13-foot straps w/ ss buckles, 4 lashing rings and 2 floating rings)

Lashing System Parts

Lashing Straps (1" Black Nylon Webbing with stainless steel buckles)

  • 11' LS -$23.00 (2 22-foot straps w/ ss buckles)

  • 9' LS -$21.00 (2 19-foot straps w/ ss buckles)

  • 7' LS - $19.00 (2 16-foot straps w/ ss buckles)

Lashing Rings - $3.50 each (one large brass ring with one 1" sewn nylon loop)

Floating Rings - $3.50 each (one large brass ring with one 1" large sewn nylon loop)

Tump Strap

Tump Strap - $18.00 (48"L x 2"W)

The tump strap is a 2" wide cotton band that has two nylon loops sewn at each end for tump lines. The tump strap has a rich tradition and like most lasting tools is simple and effective. I like using a tump strap for pulling toboggans with snowshoes. A waste belt system proves more effective if you like to pull your toboggan with skis instead. Tump strap is for 48" strap only. Cord for tump lines are sold separately. I use two 9' tump lines made out of 4mm or 1/4" rope to attach the tump strap to my toboggans.

Sam McGee Tarps/Tanks

Sam McGee Nylon Tarp - $112.00 (14'L x 56"W with grommets around perimeter)

Sam McGee Canvas Tarp - $120.00 (14'L x 56"W with grommets around perimeter)

Sam McGee Canvas Tarp (Petite) - $80.00 (10'L x 56"W with grommets around perimeter)

The Sam McGee Tarp is a long and narrow dual purpose tarp for wrapping your base load on the toboggan and for multiple uses in camp. Options are either 400-Denier Forest Green Nylon Pack Cloth or 10oz Sunforger Boat Shrunk Natural Canvas. The nylon is coated with urethane for water repellancy and is rot and mildew resistant. The canvas is treated for extra water repellancy and mildew resistance. All versions have 1/4" grommets around the perimeter for various attachment options in camp. The "Petite" is specifically designed for use with the SnowWalker Petite toboggan. The unique dimensions are designed for wrapping long, narrow loads on a toboggan which, in the case of Sam McGee, was himself. The "Cremation of Sam McGee" by Robert Service is a must read for winter walkers.

Canvas Tanks

Small - $164.50 (78"L x 12"W x 10"H w/ 13" top flaps) *Great for 7' or 9' toboggans

Large - $185.00 (102.5"L x 12"W x 10"H w/ 13" top flaps) *Great for 9' or 11' toboggans

The Canvas Tank is another option for your base load but does not provide a dual purpose. Some like having as many roles for their gear as possible which is smart for keeping gear to a minimum. Personally, I like the tank and do not mind not having another role for it. I like it for the ease of loading my duffels. Because of the fixed ends I can actually compress my soft, personal duffels in between other duffels which allows more duffels to be compressed into my base load.

TheTank is a rectangular box with light line to leash to your toboggan's running line. The light line is just for keeping the tank in place on your toboggan during shipping, storage, or loading. You will still need a lashing system of some kind to anchor your base load in place securely. The Tank has two 13" top flaps that run the length of the Tank for draping over the load before lashing. There are two narrow end flaps that fold in over load as well.

Toboggan Duffels

$65.00 (32"L x 10"W x 11"H)

Due to increased material and production costs I am now just selling my large duffel. This was my most popular size over the years and the most versatile size for tents and personal gear. Toboggan duffels are now made with black, coated 500-Denier Cordura Nylon for pliability and durability. A coil zipper with two zipper pulls allow for easy access. Grab loops on each end assist with lifting and moving. Most duffels increase in all dimensions the larger you get. These duffels were designed for this purpose with a consistent narrowness to accommodate the common toboggan widths. 

I use this duffel to carry my Snowtrekker 10' x 13' tent and poles along with a ground tarp, clothesline, and bag of ice screws. Each member of our family uses this for a personal duffel that accommodates a compressed double sleeping bag system, extra felt liners in Tingleys or NEOS, and spare clothing. 

Conover Packs

Large - $160.00 (6'L x 8"W x 8"H)

Medium - $120.00 (4'L x 8"W x 8"H)

Small - $85.00 (2'L x 8"W x 8"H)

Conover Packs are made with the same black, coated 1000-Denier Cordura Plus Nylon as our duffels. A coil zipper with four zipper pulls allow for easy access along the length of bag. Grab loops on each end assist with lifting and moving.

The Conover Packs are meant to be a top bag that fairly quickly buckles over the base load of your toboggan. We carry ice fishing rods and tip-ups in protective tubes in ours along with Thermarest sleeping pads, stove mats, etc. Thermos and a heavy parka can be quickly accessed during a lunch stop.


Thanks to Glen Hooper at for this modification.

SOS Backcountry Shovel

SOS Backcountry Aluminum Shovel - $75.00

This aluminum back-country shovel is made in Canada and comes with an extendable T-handle. The SOS shovel is small enough to pack but large enough and durable enough for heavy use in camp.

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