Winter Camping Symposium 2020 (w/ Chris Evavold)


Hauling Toboggan Workshop (HDPE)


Time: 3+ hours (Sunday Morning 7am – Noon)


Participants: 6 maximum per session (no minimum)


No tools or experience necessary (but, any additional block planes, drills, Phillips #2 drill bits, or countersink bits would be helpful)



“In this 3+hour workshop participants will be able to construct their own hauling toboggan that will be ready for use upon completion. Participants can choose from 5’, 7’, 9’ or 11’ lengths. Construction materials will include black HDPE (or UHMW 7′ and 9′ only) pre-shaped blanks, finished white ash crosspieces, stainless steel screws, and 4mm accessory cord for running line, tumpline, and lashing system.  Participants will prepare and finish the plastic blank, fasten crosspieces to blank, and string up toboggan.  The end result will be a low maintenance, durable, and rollable toboggan that will provide years of use trekking into the bush.”



5’ SnowWalker Petite – $149 ($125 w/o Lashing System)

7’ SnowWalker –  $179 ($150 w/o Lashing System)

7’ SnowWalker UHMW –  $219 ($190 w/o Lashing System)

9’ SnowWalker – $208 ($175 w/o Lashing System)

9’ SnowWalker UHMW – $258 ($225 w/o Lashing System)

11’ SnowWalker – $238 ($200 w/o Lashing System)


Sign up prior to event by emailing or calling Chris at 7159190118.  You can pay with checkcash or credit cardPriority given to payments ahead of event.



Chris Evavold has been making tools and equipment since his start carving cedar canoe paddles back in the mid 80’s. Dogsleds and hand-hauling toboggans are the most widely used of his creations.  His sleds have been used all over North America in events like the Iditarod and UP200 as well as sledding loads on caribou hunts in Alaska or Lake Trout trips into the BWCA. “There is nothing more satisfying than making something that has a practical use and is appreciated.” Chris and his wife Ingrid live and raised three kids on the Black River (northwest Wisconsin) within earshot of Big Manitou Falls and the coal and taconite train whistles in the river valley. Check out Black River Sleds on the web at .

Black River Sleds, LLC 2020

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