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Black River Sleds is Moving to Montana!

After 29 years of living above the Black River in northwest Wisconsin, Ingrid and I are heading west to live next to Rock Creek in the Sapphire Mountains in western Montana. Only an amazing opportunity and location would be able to pull us away from the homestead and life we have carved out in the Northwoods. We stumbled upon just such a place near our land and cabin this summer.


Black River Sleds will continue at our new location but only after a short hiatus. Since we move the first week of January, I will NO LONGER ACCEPT NEW ORDERS UNTIL FEBRUARY, after we are settled in. I hope this does not inconvenience too many of you. I look forward to continuing to meet the needs for winter sleds from our new home.



SnowWalker Toboggans

The original SnowWalker toboggan is a durable, rollable toboggan for the winter walker. Check out the four sizes to meet your needs. NOW MADE IN UHMW as an option for 7' and 9' models!

Toboggan Gear

Outfit your toboggan with BRS gear to make your sled setup complete and organized by using my tanks and tarps, toboggan duffels, and top bags.

Arrowhead Ultra Toboggan

The Arrowhead Ultra toboggan meets the demands of the winter adventure racer and the winter ultralight trekker. Used in races like Iditarod Trail Invitational, Arrowhead 135, and Tuscobia Winter Ultra.

BRS Dogsleds

My dogsleds have gotten mushers through the toughest of races like Iditarod, Beargrease, and Hudson Bay Quest. A couple small recreational models can round out your sled options.

Save the Boundary Waters

My business depends on wilderness and public lands. Both are under threat. Please do your part to understand the issue and to help stand up to these threats. Follow the link below to find out more. Thank you!

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